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If us Atheists shut up, you’d still hear from theists. If theists shut up, you’d stop hearing from atheists. #Atheism #Atheist — J a x o n (@BoxerAtheist)

She’s the new jesus !!

She’s the new jesus !!

Santorum: “Satan Is Targeting America, Making People Fall in Love, Urging Them to Marry Their Soulmate & Plan a Family. I’ll Stop All That” — Everybody Needs It (@TheDailyEdge)

Being shy about being an #atheist is like the class genius purposely flunking a test in order to fit in. #atheistrollcall #atheism — Augustus (@GodlessGuyX)

For the last 2 years I’ve thinking the same thing

Obama isn’t a Muslim. He isn’t a Christian either. He’s an atheist who pretends to be a Christian because America won’t vote for an atheist. — Nicronon (@Nicronon)

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